The Best Men’s Shoes for Walking on a Treadmill

Page after page of choices in running and workout shoes dominate the online shopping experience. Row after row of attractively arranged shoes designed for movement greet the customer entering the shoe department or shoe store. There is much to learn and many decisions to make as to what your feet will be wearing when you step on the treadmill for the first time.

Whether your objective is weight loss, muscle toning, cardiac fitness, or combinations for total physical improvement, it is important that you take the time to learn and to consider ultimate goals. There are so many shoes out there to help you cushion your experience. It is important you find the ones that are best for you.

Walking the Treadmill Way

treadmill machines in a gym

Since most treadmill machines come with shock absorbing features, there is less pressure and damage on the joints from treadmill workouts.

The ground does not come with such features and can be much harder on the body.

In addition, correct shoes can add to the shock absorption and provide comfort during the exercise.

Treadmill walking is a good choice for cardio beginners and people who prefer a low impact way of staying healthy.

Workout for losing weight on the treadmill

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Factors in choosing correct shoe type

Since individuals have different foot characteristics and needs, it is recommended that a professional be consulted as a first step in choosing the best pair for these needs. The professional has the knowledge and skills to determine how your feet will meet the pressure and what is needed to help them.

Correct measurement may disclose other problems and should be done in a shoe store with proper equipment.

Important features

The best shoes for treadmill walking will be entirely different than those for ground running. The balls of your feet will receive higher impact. The first standard is comfort and the second is lightweight. It is necessary to find a balance in the amount of cushioning provided and the weight added.

Flexibility and mobility are to be considered when making the choice, and this is a personal decision. Asics Gel-Kayano 22 (see below) for example is an excellent shoe for the treadmill because of its Impact Guidance System that works with your foot’s natural gait. This helps the foot function more efficiently. This shoe also has the duoMax support system and is designed for both men and women.

Top Rated Shoes for Walking on a Treadmill

Ryka Sportwalker 6

If the going gets hard, Brooks
Glycerin 16 is there for you.

The design of this shoe offers cushioning and heel stability which aid the natural forefoot flex and keep you moving forward. Memory foam gives ultimate customized fit, and Re-zorb gives impact protection for all day comfort.

The narrower heel results in a roomier forefoot and more secure foot bed. This gives greater fit cushioning and control. The sneaker are also available in wide widths (see my article "Best walking shoes for wide feet") to give unsurpassed fit to the larger foot. This fit offers special comfort for a treadmill workout (see also: Comfortable walking shoes).

Asics Gel Kayano 22

If the going gets hard, Brooks
Glycerin 16 is there for you.

This shoe is probably tops in offering the latest technology in shoe design. It features an IGS or Impact Guidance System that helps enhance your foot’s natural gait while running. It also has a system that provides more efficient foot function in the mid sole.

The DuoMax support provides support as you move. While a little heavier than some other running shoes, the greater stability and support give excellent comfort and cushioning. While it offers good traction on the ground, this shoe is excellent for treadmill use.

New Balance MW813 Walking Shoe

If the going gets hard, Brooks
Glycerin 16 is there for you.

With ROLLBAR technology, this walking shoe gives additional stability to the walker who needs it. It includes a Walking Strike Path outsole feature that stabilizes and guides the foot. This style tends to run small and a 1/2 size larger than usual will give a better fit.

It is a very light shoe, with seamless internal lining and an ortholite foam collar, tongue, and heel. This results in the possibilities of longer workouts (see: Long distance shoes). With colors of white, grey and black, these shoes also blend into whatever outfit might be needed for a whole day of activities after the treadmill.


Making the decision to walk the treadmill to lose weight or accomplish other goals, is done with a most complicated process in the brain. Since this brain is on top of the body and obviously able to do great things, it is logical that we forget that decisions are carried out in actions centered elsewhere.

The constant movement of the feet will signal their own message. There are many shoes now on the market designed to meet individual needs. It remains for the individual stepping on the treadmill to determine which ones will give the greater cushioning, stability, and help in making the experience a very positive one.