The Best Women’s Walking Shoes for Walking on a Treadmill

If you are looking for men's treadmill shoes, you'll find them here!

Finding shoes suitable for walking on a treadmill should be easy.

Unfortunately the choice is seemingly massive and the whole experience becomes a worry of choice between a gazzilion different models.

In fact, shoes that are suited to other activities in a gym may not be ideally suited to treadmill walking but there are common similarities. So here let's get down to some of teh best women's shoes for treadmill walking.

People who walk in the open are subjec to the weather of course but more importantly you are often walking on concrete or wet grass.

If you are doing most of your walking on a treadmill, you already have a slightly springy surface in the form of the treadmill runner.

So you do not need a super cushioned shoe - in fact that would not be optimal at all and may make you feel a little unbalanced. What with the sping of the machine and the cushion in the shoe, you'd feel a bit like being on a boat - unstable.

So we need a shoe that has a moderate amount of cushion along with some torsional rigidity and support to your arches to maintain your legs in a good alignment to avoid unnatural stress on any part of your leg.

We are looking for a fairly lightweight shoe which is comfortable and not over cushioned. 

ASICS Gel-Kayano 25

The Asics Gel-Kayano 25 is perhaps the best shoe on the market for treadmill walking today.

It is the shoe with the highest review rating and has few comparables - but you'll see a couple below. 

ASICS Gel-Kayano 25
The Supreme Shoe for Treadmills 

It is extremely comfortable with a wide range of width fittings to ensure a perfect fit for just about anyone.

It has a slightly wider toe box than normal to avoid squashing your toes together or rubbing to cause sores.

It is technically designed to persuade your foot into the proper gait alignment, compensating for mild overpronation and supination in one package. For those with more severe conditions the footbed or insole is removable to allow you to fit your own preferred orthotics.

The Ortholite Sockliner provides a little spring but is also great for wicking away moisture from your feet as you exercise.

In short this is the best shoe for treadmill walking you'll likely find.

There is a lot more I could say but I have already said it in my full review which you can find here.

Or just take my word and grab it now.

Brooks Glycerin 16

Brooks have an excellent shoe in the Glycerin 16 which runs very close behind the ASICS Kayano above.

Brooks Glycerin 16
Best for High Archers Treadmill Walking

Like the ASICS shoe it has excellent comfort with just the right amount of cushion. 

It's also lightweight with a wider than average toe box, has great support which makes it an even better choice for people with high arches.

Once again a range of width fittings available to suit everyone

The 10mm drop is great for walkers and the flexible and breathable upper ensures your feet don't overheat on their journey to nowhere on the treadmill.

With removable insoles for custom orthotics you have another near perfect feet for your treadmill exercising.

Some people may find the cushioning from the footbed a little over the top at first but it will soon settle into your foot shape.

This is another shoe we are confident to recommend. 

If you want to read further before buying then I have a full review of the brooks Glycerin 16 here.

Or just take my word for it high archers and buy it now.

Saucony Guide ISO

This is a shoe made for cushioning and stability to suit lady treadmill walkers.

The PWRFOAM (I guess that means PowerFoam) midsole provides a little spring whilst retaining the lighweight demands for an exercise shoe.

Saucony Guide ISO
Best for High Archers Treadmill Walking

The shoe has medial post guides within the midsole to ensure proper stability and will guide your foot through your natural gait.

The breathable jacquard upper ensures your feet don't swelter and as it is mesh there is some flexibility to fit.

The footbed is contoured with ISOFIT and FORMFIT construction which are just fancy acronyms manufacturers love to try to pump up their features.

But the support and contouring is there to position your heel and restrict slipping out of alignment so it's not all fluff.

The shoe is particularly suited to walkers who suffer from overpronation.

Narrow, Medium and Wide fittings available.

Check it out now and see the rave reviews it has been getting.


Getting the right shoe for your treadmill exercise is a smart move.

Not only will it avoid potential pains from unnatural walking actions that may have become habitual through bad fitting shoes or activities in the past. They will also avoid blisters and other annoyances that can put you off keeping to your routines.

I hope that this mini roundup will help you find the perfect shoe for your planned activity. Good luck!

The Best Women’s Walking Shoes for Walking on a Treadmill
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