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Best Walking Shoes for Hallux Rigidus & Limitus

All human beings work to make their lifestyles better. That is why every day, technology keeps on taking everything a notch higher to make the human race more comfortable. However, one area which people focus on is ensuring that they are in good health.

The number one reason being that the body is the vessel which makes all the other goals achievable. That is why you will find many people waking up at dawn to run, jog or walk to keep in shape and also keep control of their bodies.

Sadly, no matter how fit we are, our bodies tend to develop conditions which limit us from the activities which we deem normal such as walking or running as we age on.

Among these, hallux rigidus and limitus top the list. In case you've never heard of these conditions and you are wondering what gibberish this is, don't worry because I got you.

What is hallux rigidus & limitus?

hallux rigidus graphic

Hallux rigidus and limitus are disorders which cause pain and stiffness to the big toe. In the initial stages, Limitus only causes pain and difficulties to you bending the toe.

However, as it progresses, it is referred to as rigidus, and the sufferer can no longer bend or move the toe as it is frozen. Hallux rigidus causes the rest of the joints to strain since most of your body weight usually relies on the big toe.

Signs and symptoms

  • The most prominent symptom is rigidity and pain when you try to move the big toe
  • Limping
  • Swelling near or on the MTP joint

If not treated urgently, this foot condition may cause rheumatoid arthritis. Therefore it is important that anyone with the above signs get treatment. It may also cause a change in gait since most of your joints are now straining. Fortunately, you don't have to stop your fitness program as there are shoes specifically designed to suit people with a stiff big toe.

You can, therefore, continue with your morning jogs and walks without experiencing discomfort and pain and at the same time are in style.

stretches for people suffering from a stiff big toe

These walking shoes usually have a large toe box. That helps reduce the pressure applied by the regular shoes on your big toe. Hence there is no pain. They also have more stiff and flat soles which mean that your legs are in a comfortable and even position. That contributes a lot in helping your big toe regain its optimal arch. Below is a list to help you choose nothing but the best walking shoes for hallux rigidus & limitus for both men and women

Top Rated Shoes for Hallux Rigidus


For Men

New Balance 928 Walking Shoe

If you are want something comfortable yet stylish, then the New Balance 928 is just the perfect one for you. They will save you cash as they are multipurpose and are made of leather. Also, they are lightweight with only 468 grams. They are made to offer maximum support. For instance, the interior is equipped with roll bar design to prevent excessive movement of the foot. It has padding in it to act as a shock absorber and also offers a feeling of comfort, and the rubber exterior adds icing on the cake as it provides more support. It has lace up vamp which makes it comfortable to wear.

Altra Olympus Trail Running Shoe

This product from altra is also a must-have if you are a man suffering from hallux rigidus & limitus. It packs quite a bunch of features which make your walking and running life way easier. For instance, it has a wide toe box which offers you a lot of space for the rest of your toes and has Vibram sticky rubber which provides a total grip on the ground. Hence no room for sliding. It is lightweight; durable not to mention comes in a wide array of color so you can stand out.


For Women

Hoka One Clifton 3

This shoe is the best definition of classy and comfy. The outsole is extremely lightweight which makes suitable for you as a woman. The middle sole is cushioned to offer you that bouncy and foamy feeling which makes you comfy. It has air mesh on the top which ensures enough air circulation hence no sweating and no smelly feet.

Alegria Women's Paloma Flats

Who said you can't be edgy when you have Hallux limitus? The Alegria Women's Paloma offers you more than just comfort with their vibrant color and design. They have a flat and firm sole made out of rubber which provides you stability. They have a lot of inner space to ensure that your big toe is as comfortable and free as it could be.

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