Walking Shoe Reviews

​Here you can find a collection of all the walking shoe reviews that I’ve done so far. Click on one of the articles below to find out if the shoe model is the right one for you. I’ve noted all the technical details of each sneaker on the top of the post.

Also, there’s a short summary of the strenghts and weaknesses of the shoe. After that you’ll find a link which leads you to the product page on Amazon.

For M​EN

The following reviews are about walking foot​wear for men. ​The first article is the main guide where I have included a comparison table and an instruction on how to choose the best mens walking shoes.

Below you can find each individual review post.


​Females who are interested in buying a new pair of walking sneakers should take a look ​at ​the buying guide ​first. I have compiled a list with my favorite models in it.

All articles below are my shoe reviews for women.

​I​f you are undecided on what footwear choice is ​right for you​ - ​take a look at one of my buying guides.