article about the best walking shoes from nike

Best Nike Walking Shoes: 2018 Edition

When you have the perfect fitting pair of walking shoes, you can feel invincible: and the same happens when you use some that do not fit: they can ruin your foot completely. Conveniently, the simplicity of this exercise makes having good sneakers the only thing you have to worry about.

When we run, our feet, along with our ankles and knees receive the impact of our weight multiplied by seven, and there are brands, like Nike, that especially focus of relieving the tension. There are now hundreds of models and brands of sneakers, so if you are starting out or just looking for a change, choosing the perfect footwear that suits your needs is a must.

Choose the shoe compatible with your foot type

foot type

For the neutral arch foot, the sports shoes with stability are the suitable ones. Made with supreme durability and cushioning, these shoes offer medium support.

To facilitate foot movement, people with a high arch need to wear cushioned shoes; these have a soft, curved or semi-curved midsole (see article "Shoes for high arches" for this).

Take note of the size

And make sure the shoes fit your foot. Some people who walk regularly, however, confuse proper fit with it being tight. But with tight shoes, you could end up with knees pain, bunions, buried blisters and nails. The shoe with the most suitable space leaves about a half inch on the toe, providing enough room for when the foot swells during the run (see article about "Long distance shoes").

The best shoe holds the foot in place comfortably so that when running or walking, the heel does not slip up or down. Nike walking shoes are perfect for firmly grasped foot that does not experience movement or lacks stability during a walking/sprinting session.

Lighter does not mean better

two runners in the evening sun

It does not matter if you fell in love with the discreet and light model you saw in the case, many times less is not more.

Be realistic about the surface where we run; if you are running in harsh conditions or concrete, not all light shoes have the impact absorption you need to do this sport in the city.

A minimalist sneaker means that the shoe has less protection, a more flexible bow, and a heel closer to the floor, which means harsher impact.

Top rated Nike walking sneakers: Our 2018 recommendations

It does not matter whether you are a casual walker or a racewalker, a good shoe will always have your back –or your feet – when it comes to safety. We have put together a selection of the best Nike walking shoes to help you make your everyday walking a lot more fun.

For Men

Nike Men's Air Relentless 6

nike air relentless 6

These shoes maximize the performance of your activities while giving you the support and comfort you need. By evaluating the performance of worldwide athletes, these Relentless 6 Running Shoe shoes help you forget about your shoes and worry about time, distance or your next goal.

They have a great fit and have been acclaimed for their design and durability. Their mesh single layer design will help your feet breathe while its padded sole and collar will give you the stability and comfort your foot needs.

Nike Men's Free 5.0

nike free 5.0

If you are looking for a shoe that adapts to your needs, Nike Men's Free Running Shoe is perfect for people who lead an active life. Its mesh and molded design allow you to have the maximum comfort (see "Comfortable shoes for walking") and keep energy flowing as your steps go.

The rubber sole is perfect for flat surfaces and is light so that you can forget about flat, grasping soles. Nike Men's Free offers control and protection to your feet, as it provides stability and will make you feel the difference when you try them out.


For Women

Nike Lunartempo 2

nike lunartempo 2

These shoes have it all: Flywire technology for ventilation, a midsole for cushioning and a great design. These lightweight shoes provide optimal speed and comfort so you can take out the best of yourself. Nike Lunartempo 2 will offer stability for the ones who want to move longer than ever before. With its perfect fit, you will even forget you're wearing them at all, getting the best out of their traction absorption feature.

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 33

nike air zoom pegasus 33

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 33 are not only pretty pink shoes but powerful and energetic tools for the everyday active lady. This Zoom Air technology and Henson deflection impact and cushions the food it is perfect for the hardcore runners not like to go not only with strength but with distance.

The shoes are light, and they are easy to carry around. During your workout during your everyday job, or even as your casual wear the shoes will be everything you need and much more.