new balance ww665 and mw665 review

Review: The New Balance 665 Walking Shoe

Product: New Balance 665

Use: Fitness Walking




227 gram (8 oz)

My Rating


Mid Range

We like

  • Available for men and women
  • Not expensive
  • Simple, but good looking colors (Grey / Pink for women, Grey / Blue for men)
  • Accepts orthotic inserts
  • Lightweight
  • Very comfortable

We don't like

  • Not enough cushioning for long distance walkers
  • Not for wide feet
  • No arch support


A very basic walking shoe made for casual walkers and people who don't have any problems with overpronation.

Order a width fitting wider than you usually do as the cutting template is a little narrow.

This shoe might be a good choice for someone who is only lightly supinating, heavy supinators need an advanced pair with more support.

New Balance shoes have a long-standing relationship with our feet. That’s more than 100 years of shoe-making we are talking about! This Boston based American sports shoe manufacturer has been dedicated towards creating world-class shoes for fitness freaks and athletes all over the world.

It is for a reason that they have a loyal customer base that swears by NB shoes. Keeping with this tradition, New Balance have come up with another wow-inducing walking shoe and this time it is for men and women!

nb 665 side

The New Balance 665 is an amazing walking shoe that is not just ‘pretty to the eyes’ like many of those sneakers and sports shoes for both genders that crowd the market. It has some great new features that focus on making your daily walk as comfortable as walking on air with bare feet!

If you think that’s just lofty marketing talk, then you probably have not tried a New Balance shoe yet. NB shoes is now a $2 billion company with a reputation of delivering only the best for your feet.

new balance ww665


The New Balance 665 comes with a powerhouse of features that focus on pampering your feet as you participate in marathons or indulge in brisk walking. It is mainly for fitness walking and those with special needs for long and hectic walks would do well investing in a pair of these.

  • This shoe is delightfully lightweight, weighing a mere 227 gm (8 oz).
  • It is of cushioning type (there are several types like motion control, stability, spikes etc. and it is better to buy one that suits your level of activity, see my guide about the top walking shoes for high arches).
  • Apart from being extremely light-weight, the NB 665 also comes with the ABZORB technology which includes a “superior blend of foam cushioning and compression set” that provides the ultimate cushioning for your feet.
  • It also features the ‘walking strike path’ technology that gives your feet the stability and balance it requires during a brisk walk.
  • New Balance 665 also comes with ‘breathable’ mesh which is great for circulating air into your shoes, thus doing away with the possibility of stinky feet (which is every woman’s nightmare!). This shoe is thus perfect for people who work on their feet outdoors for long hours.
  • The NB 665 also comes with removable in-soles which are padded for additional comfort.
  • It also has a rubber sole that is highly resistant to wear and tear so that your NB 665 stays as good as new even after years of walking.

New Balance has been known to manufacture shoes that can fit just about any feet on earth, however tiny or huge. New Balance 665 is no exception.

nb 665 sole

Available Sizes

This walking shoe comes in sizes ranging from size 5 to size 12, with sub-categories in every size that allow for even slight variation in foot-shapes.


There are currently two colors available in the market, pink / white (women) and grey / blue (men), and both are a great hit.

With its motto of making ‘excellent happen’, New Balance surely knows what it takes to drive excellence home.With our feet being one of the most important parts of the body, it deserves all the attention that you can afford.

ww665 top

Price and Ratings

Priced in the midrange, the New Balance 665 is definitely something you should be able to afford for the sake of your feet.

This shoe has mostly good ratings on Amazon from people who are verified to have bought them which is something to go by.

If you are thinking about getting this shoe I recommend spending a few minutes seeing what other buyers think. Check out the customer reviews on Amazon


Some of the rare complaints by reviewers on Amazon include ‘not enough cushioning’ and ‘lack of support’.

However, most of the reviews are positive and women walkers everywhere seem to love it.

If you are a fitness-walking enthusiast, the New Balance 665 is definitely the shoe for you!

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