new balance 1765v2 review

Shoe Review: New Balance 1765v2

Only limited small sizes left - Replaced by New Balance 1865 

Product: New Balance 1765v2

Use: Fitness Walking




214 gram (7.5 oz)

My Rating



We like

  • Good for narrow feet
  • Lightweight
  • Stylish color combinations
  • Manmade

We don't like

  • Not for wide feet
  • Some users report of them being not true to size
  • Not for women who need a lot of cushioning


This is one of the lightest walking shoes from New Balance. People with normal pronation and no persisting foot problems will love this shoe. The New Balance 1765v2 comes in various color combination. I love their design, you can even wear them as a sporty casual shoe!

Have you ever gone out to town for a whole day of shopping? Or perhaps you’ve had to walk around a lot at work recently? Or maybe you’re really just into fitness walking as an exercise routine?

Odds are you’ve come home with aching feet (maybe even knees) more than once, and no matter how you convince yourself that your feet will get used to those aches and pains, they never seem to. That is probably because you’re not wearing the right shoes.

nb 1765v2 red

Just as every other sport requires a specific shoe, walking does, too. Our feet move in a specific ways throughout the gait cycle and it is important that the shoes we wear support our feet at all times to avoid abnormal movements. The New Balance 1765v2 does exactly that, and much more.

At a glance

New Balance has never disappointed when it comes to design, and the 1765v2 is no different. This shoe comes in lots of different, bright color combinations for every discriminating taste.

nb 1765v2 grey

It doesn’t only make it a fashionable piece of footwear, but also makes it reflective in low-light conditions. The 1765v2 incorporates mesh and an intricate web-like design to come up with one stylish looking shoe.

Pros vs Cons

The New Balance 1765v2 makes walking easy with its lightweight design and comfortable fit. Its breathable material and premium moisture management make it ideal for those long days at work.

nb 1765v2 sole

Aside from performing well as a walking shoe, it’s also very easy on the eyes. However, its sole might not be thick enough for some users and may cause some discomfort with prolonged wearing (see my guide about the best walking sneakers for women 2017 for this).


  • EVA cushioned footbed for increased comfort and stability during gait cycle
  • Premium mesh lining for breathability and a high-level of moisture management
  • Padded collar and tongue for extra comfort
  • FantomFit upper allows shoes to hug snugly around feet to ensure safety and stability
nb 1765v2 top

If you’re looking for the best walking shoe to fit your needs, then look no further. The New Balance WW1765v2 provides the best comfort and stability without sacrificing style. The sole thickness flaw might be disheartening for some consumers, but that’s nothing a little extra padding won’t fix.

All in all, the 1765v2 is a complete walking shoe that’s definitely worth every penny.