New Balance 1745 Review

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Product: New Balance 1745

Use: Fitness Walking




192 grams (6,7 oz)

My Rating



We like

  • Lightweight (in fact one of the lightest motion control walking shoes around)
  • Optimal for normal pronation or light supination
  • Available in different widths
  • Awesome colors & design

We don't like

  • Pricey
  • Some users report of a lack of cushioning
  • Arch support could be better


This is one of the lightest cushioning walking shoes around. It comes in three stylish colors. It looks very modern, you can even wear this shoe with a casual outfit. If you are looking for a shoe not solely for fitness walking, this might be the right one for you.

New Balance is pretty well-known for making quality athletic shoes. Their 1745 Walking Shoe for women is one especially popular model for women who have been looking for a good cushioning shoe to help with an underpronation issue that reduces their stability when they walk.

Like most cushioning shoes, the midsole is a little thicker and more durable than many purely utilitarian models. This makes the shoe a little heavier than many comparable athletic shoes that aren't designed to help correct gait issues.

nb 1745 purple

RevLite In The Midsole

In this New Balance shoe, the sole is made using rubber with a material called RevLite in the midsole. RevLite is actually a little lighter than many materials used in the midsole of comparable shoes.

This is a substance that is proprietary to New Balance, which engineered it specifically for use in their walking shoes to help provide support for high arches without adding quite as much weight.

Bright Colors

Most women loved the three color designs available on Amazon with this shoe. The colors have a tendency to be bright – so bright, in fact, that one reviewer decided to swap out the pink shoelaces on the black version to tone things down a bit.

The blue version is especially popular with women who do most of their walking, running and standing in indoor environments like the gym or the workplace because the color scheme is cute.

new balance 1745 grey white

The Pros – Comfy and Lightweight

This pair doesn't have very much of a “breaking in” period and is very comfy for people who have high arches. They don't create any pressure points that might cause blisters and women who have very wide or very narrow feet like the wide range of width options.

Women who bought this to replace a worn-out pair of athletic shoes were impressed by the improved support for their flat feet. If you have a customized arch support insert, you can put it in this shoe.

New Balance is especially popular because, while this isn't a cheap shoe, you aren't paying for celebrity endorsements. New Balance prefers to spend the money on research and development of their products instead of the high marketing costs that come with hiring celebrities to promote their shoes.

The result is a better shoe for underpronators who want an option that can help them improve their gait.

nb 1745 sole

The Cons

There is a bit of a research cost to determine whether this is the right shoe for you. Like most cushioning shoes, these are designed for people with high arches and underpronation issues and many returns happen because customers didn't really know what they needed when they bought the shoe.

It does run a bit small and many reviewers recommended buying it a size up. If your podiatrist recommended orthotics, these shoes really won't replace that even though you can remove the insole for better support of orthotics.

Some people did complain about possible mess-ups in the supply chain that resulted in them not getting an authentic New Balance shoe and that could be solved by ordering directly from the New Balance website if possible.

Find more New Balance shoes in my post about the top walking shoes for women.

1745 black pink

The Bottom Line

Women with a tendency to underpronate tend to like this shoe for helping to support their feet and provide the extra cushioning they might have been looking for (find similar sneakers in my guide about the best walking shoes for high arches).

While most podiatrists would say that you shouldn't sacrifice comfort for the appearance of the shoe, the New Balance 1745 Walking Shoe for women manages to be both cute and comfortable with bold color schemes and a good lightweight support system for the midsole.

It might not replace orthotics if you need them or help people with very flat feet, but it's a good fit for people who want a shoe that can increase their comfort levels when they need to be on their feet all day and want to solve the issues that come with high arches.

  • EVA Midsole/Heel
  • Removable Insert
New Balance 1745 Review
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