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The Most Comfortable Walking Shoes: 4 Models Compared

Walking is a wonderful way to exercise and see new places. But, if you don’t have comfortable walking shoes your walks will go from wonderful to woeful. In this article you’ll learn which features are important when choosing proper footwear for hiking or walking. After the instructions you’ll find short reviews of four very comfortable shoe models.

Qualities of comfortable shoes

A good shoe will be stable, provide shock absorption and be lightweight. When it comes to walking cushioning is key. Shoes that have padded tongues and collars eliminate chaffing. Sufficient cushion is vital in a walking shoe (especially when walking on concrete). The shoe must be able to absorb and distribute the impact of walking.

A shoe that stays in place on your foot will provide a comfortable fit. The area where the tongue rests should conform to your foot and keep the shoe secure.

A proper walking shoe will give you stable footing. The outsoles of walking shoes should maintain contact with the ground and provide reliable traction.

Also, it’s important to know about your gait type when choosing new footwear. Do your feet roll inward (overpronation) when the sole hits the ground? Do you have flat feet? Do you supinate? These are all considerations you should know about when making your choice. You can find out how to determine your foot and arch type in my guides about the best walking shoes for women and men.

With these qualities in mind, let’s move on to the shoe reviews.

The Most Comfortable Shoes for Walking

Here are four reviews of the most comfortable walking shoes that you can wear at work, in you free time and when you’re working out.

The Asics Gel-Tech Walker NEO 4

gel tech walker from asicsThe Gel-Walker is a lightweight shoe that is constructed from synthetic fabrics. The tongue and collar are padded and made from a breathable high-tech fabric.

The shoe uses an asymmetrical lacing system. These qualities allow the upper shoe to move with the foot in a natural way. The toe box has a medial side bunion window that prevents pinching during walking.

The NEO has a removable gel insole and the base is made of Solyte 45 material.

gel tech walker women

The womens version

The two provide long-lasting support and cushion. The outsole of the Walker is a rubber sole that offers reliable traction.

Favorable qualities include a precise fit, durability, cooling mesh fabric and a weight of 1.6 ounces.

Common complaints are the high placement of the arch, difficulty getting the correct size and lack of color choices.

Review: My review of the Asics Gel-Tech Walker Neo 4

Available for both men and women on Amazon:

For Women:

Rockport Walking Classic M7100 Pro Walker

The M7100 Prowalker is a walking shoe with a classic look. It is made of leather and comes in a variety of colors. It has a lace-up closure that gives superior support and mobility. This mobility allows the upper shoe to move during walking.

Rockport Walking Classic M7100

The Pro Walker is equipped with an EVA cushioning insole that is removable. The EVA insole cups the heel of the foot to provide an excellent fit. The insole also provides arch support and shock absorption. The shoe has a padded tongue and collar to prevent rubbing.

Strobel Technology makes up the base of the Walker. This technology makes the front of the shoe flexible and allows for a natural and comfortable walking motion.

The outsole of the shoe is constructed of synthetic materials that provide dependable traction. It available for men in 11 different colors.

Consumers appreciate the arch support, durability, comfort and weight of 1.6 ounces.

Some common concerns are the narrow fit, difficulty getting the proper size and the stiffness of the leather.

New Balance Women’s WW759 Country Walking Shoe

The New Balance 759 is an attractive brown suede walking shoe. The collar and tongue are padded for comfort.

New Balance Womens WW759 Country walking shoe

The upper part of the shoe is made of a breathable mesh fabric.

It is equipped with ABZORB cushioning to create a comfortable insole. The 759 features Stability WEB, this offers comfortable support for the midfoot.

The sole of the walking shoe is constructed out of a tough rubber that provides stability and traction. This is a shoe that is designed for tougher terrain.

Women like the stability and support that the outsole provides, the comfortable fit, good arch support, and high quality.

Some women were not happy with the durability, narrow fit, and small sizes.

ECCO Women’s Arizona Sneaker

The ECCO is a cute stylish leather sneaker. ECCO has incorporated a unique moisture wicking fabric into their shoe.

ECCO Womens Arizona Sneaker

This fabric lines the inner shoe and covers the padded tongue and collar.

Unlike other walking shoes, the ECCO has a thinner sole that gives a natural low foot position. To compensate for the shallow sole the sneaker uses an injected polyurethane cushion. Because polyurethane is dense it is still able to provide adequate shock absorption.

Positive features are a comfortable fit, flat sole and a snug fit on the heel.