Walking Tips

Have you ever wondered what power, speed and fitness walking is? Have you ever asked yourself what the health benefits of walking are? Your search has ended. The articles in this category will provide you with all the information that is out there about walking.

Most articles here are about the impact of walking on your health, the different forms of walking and tips for your walking routines.

walking vs running

Walking vs. Running for Health

When you are trying to get in shape and improve your overall health, you have a variety of exercise options that you can choose from. Two of the more popular workouts include walking and running. Power walking (fitness walking) involves the use of exaggerated movements to get your heart rate up and running involves quick […]

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beginning a fitness walking program

How to Begin a Fitness Walking Program

Walking is one of the easiest fitness programs to incorporate into your daily schedule. Not only is it a great way to lose weight there are a number of other health benefits to sticking with a walking program as well. Unlike many other fitness or exercise routines, walking only requires dedication and a good pair […]

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benefits fitness walking

7 Health Benefits of Fitness Walking

With increasing numbers of health issues, more people are looking for healthier options of keeping themselves fit and supple. They want ways that are easy and doable on a daily basis. The gym cannot be affordable to all in terms of time and money. Most people prefer to walk towards a healthy body; let's find […]

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what is fitness walking

What is Fitness Walking? Here are the Basics

Walking is a very basic way of moving from one place to another for all human beings. While this form of walking is natural, fitness walking is an art. Fitness walking (sometimes called power walking) makes a difference in the health of the human being if it is done properly. It is recommended by health […]

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