Walking Shoe Buying Guides: Find the Best Shoe for YOU

On this page you’ll find our collection of shoe buying guides. I’ve collected all the necessary information you need to know, when choosing the right pair of walking sneakers.

Each article starts with a summary of the most important aspects you need to know before buying. Also, all the posts feature a collection of my product recommendations.

​Find the Perfect ​Pair of Walking Shoes

Walking Shoes for Specific Purposes

​If you are looking for the perfect pair of walking ​footwear for everyday wear – check out the following posts:

Walking Shoes for Common Foot Problems

Here you find a collection of shoe buying guides that ​might be helpful for people with certain foot conditions​:

Walking Shoes for Other Conditions

If you have pack pain or you're suffering from a bad knee, take a look at the following articles:

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​What are ​Walking ​Shoes?

Walking shoes are designed to support the “heel to toe motion”, as the heel strikes to ground first when we are walking (contrary to running, where we land flat footed)There are different ​types available like motion control, stability and cushioning shoes – each for a different foot shape and gait.

In this category you will find all my articles related to fitness walking footwear. Most of the articles are shoe reviews, but there are also buying guides for individual requirements like gender, foot disorders and foot types.