Best Women’s Walking Shoes for Wide Feet

The medical world has its XRAY, MRI, DNA, and other tests to prove that humans are all physically constructed in little different ways. The retail world, in the interest of simplicity and cost, has chosen to use letters like S, M, L, XL and N, M, W to give an estimate fit and cost. There is a gap that any shopper recognizes.

We are not all built alike, nor do we fit the same letters. In addition, our brains give signals for the use of these differences.

Therefore, when dealing with anything that our feet need to use with the most efficiency and comfort, it is imperative that the first step is to consult said foot.

This is especially true of the extra wide foot for the first consideration is room for movement and relaxation. In this article, we will show you, what is the best walking shoe for wide feet. It is only when the foot is given the opportunity to show its uniqueness, that the shoe is able to serve its best.

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by Jennifer

What to look out for when buying

Even though feet are different and have different needs, there are similarities, and it is important that the store chosen to find walking shoes have several elements. It must be large enough to carry a variety of styles that might fit your needs.

It must have qualified people who understand the foot, with its different problems, and can identify them. Time should be given to examine feet and determine any particular characteristics. The atmosphere should be relaxed and comfortable in order for the customer to become informed as he makes his decision.

An intelligent and personable staff member should be able to answer all questions and give explanations. A return policy should be available, since the shoe may feel good at the first try, but reveal problems on the second try at home.

Alternatively, you can buy a couple different pairs online and send the models that don't fit back to the shop. This is more of a hit-or-miss option, but is not a bad idea, if you don't have access to a retail store near your home.

The Shoe

It is time to replace your walking shoes about every 300-500 miles when the absorbency of the material begins to break down. The fact that the shoes will be used for “walking” should be made known immediately for different styles work best with specific activities.

This is because stress is located in various locations of the foot and your foot determines how best to deal with the stress of the activity. Feet may have high or low arches (flat feet), supination or overpronation, and wide or narrow structure. Wearing a wrong fit can bring the pain (back pain for example) not only to feet but to knees, hips, and legs.

Foot Analysis

Analyzing your foot is important. Wet your foot and step on a piece of coloured or absorbent paper (see my guide about women's walking shoes here). The imprint will show an outside lining of the foot where the heel is connected with the rest of the foot.

It is easy to determine that the top part of the structure of your foot is extra wide. Arches are determined by the line from heel to the upper part of the foot. When there is no line of contact, it indicates a high arch which is rather rare.

The low arch gives a fully visible line of contact. It is most common for anyone over 165 pounds and the foot will roll to the inside. A shoe with stability and motion control is needed. The wider width of the foot is easily met by shoe size but is extremely important. The foot must have room to move and rest in comfort.

Here's a good article on how to determine if your feet are wide or narrow.

Alternatively click here to watch a short video explanation

Examining your current shoe will help the clerk determine how much you will need help from the new shoe. The best shoe will cushion your heel when it first strikes the ground, supports your foot as it rolls to toe, and support your toe as it pushes on to the next step. The heels will be low and rounded to support the heel as it hits the ground. When walking, the heel does not need too much cushioning but it does need flexibility. Bending the toe of the shoe back to heel will determine also how much resistance and arch support it gives.

All of this information is necessary to determine differences and needs of your particular foot. The shoe industry has been most successful in designing different types of shoes, with amounts of flexibility, that will best serve you. Taking the time and finding a store or staff member that will help determine your type is very important.

The Best Wide-Width Walking Shoes for Women

There are many good brands of wide walking shoes for both men and women. Serving both are Asics, Brooks, Saucony, and New Balance. They have categorized their models by specific foot type and identify problems which the shoe especially addresses. Good shoes will be priced between $100-$150. The following shoe models have a wide toe box and should give you enough room to move pain-free.

Women’s New Balance 928v3

This is the new model of the popular 928 and is quite well rated by most buyers of the shoe. 

57% savings
$59.97 (USD)
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It comes in a range of width fittings, so there are wide fittings for wide footed people.

There are a range of colors to choose from.

The shoe has some torsional rigidity via its rollbar and a supportive footbed along with an EVA midsole for better cushioning. So it will be comfortable enough for all day wear.

The outsole is made to be somewhat durable so the shoe should last for a while. 

It looks quite attractive too with leather mixed with mesh to give a pleasing look and a bit of flexibility.

Dansko Women’s Wide Professional Clog

$119.95 (USD)
(As of: Mar 20, 8:17 pm UTC) - Details
Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on the Amazon product page at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.
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So you want a comfortable shoe that can absorb the discomfort of a working day and yet create a great look of style?

Dansko has designed a Clog that can do just that! It provides all-day support, and its box leather is ideal for all kinds of environments.

It can easily be wiped clean with soap and water. Its thermoplastic toe box is roomy and gives protection with plenty of space.

The heel and frame provide stability and the outsole provides shock absorption and flexibility. It carries the Seal of acceptance from the Amerian Podiatric Medical Association. And it’s called a Clog!

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