Best Walking Shoes for Diabetic Women: Top 4

To control blood sugar levels through various exercises and diet, one should consider regular walking. Performing all sorts of exercises while having diabetes may not be the best option for all individuals.

Based on studies and physician recommendations, walking is one of the safest exercises to control blood sugar. A diabetic person should also take extra care of his foot health because of the possible risk associated with this condition.

Therefore, choosing the right walking shoe is essential. With so many choices of footwear available, it can be sometimes difficult to makethe right choice.

In this article, a list of the best walking shoes for diabetic individuals. Because foot problems are a common concern among diabetics, wearing the correct shoe is the key.

Foot injury can take a long time to heal, because diabetes makes the healing process longer. To reduce the risk of foot injury, select from any of these highly recommended diabetic walking sneakers.

Top Rated Shoes for Diabetics

1. Propet Diabetic Walking Shoe:

These orthopedic shoes are clinically approved as one perfect and supportive pair of dress shoes. Made from beautiful soft leather, this supportive shoe is ideal for brisk walking and intense exercises.

Because these shoes come in a variety of sizes and width, people with wide legs and arch will find these shoes very supportive. Both men (see "walking shoes for overweight men") and women will find a wide range of size choices.

Added depth and extra cushiony soles make it very comfortable. The insoles are removable. Those looking for a comfortable and stylish pair of walking shoes should go for this A5500 certified shoes.


• Good orthopedic design for ultimate support.
• Various size choices for wide arch.
• Rubber sole for comfortable wear.
• Stylish design makes it versatile footwear for every occasion.
• Extremely lightweight.


  • None

2. Dr. Comfort Douglas Extra Depth Shoe:

This shoe model is regarded as one top models for people suffering from diabetes. These therapeutic shoes are available for both men and women. This therapeutic shoe features stretchable material, orthopedic design, soft sole and supportive foot arch.

The high-quality leather shoe features supportive gel insoles to provide the cushioning effect while walking. The lightweight shoe also has Velcro straps for comfortable everyday wear. Color choices include black and chestnut.


• Lightweight and sturdy
• Prevents swollen feet
• Supports wide feet and arches
• Comfortable for all-day wear
• Gel insert makes it a great choice of protective wear


• Doesn’t have many color choices

3. New Balance 1865v1:

Those looking for a walking shoe for maximum cushioning effect, then use the New Balance 1865v1 (Review). These innovative shoe design feature medial and forefoot support, which offers ultimate stability and comfort.

With maximum toe space and lightweight rapid rebound midsole, you don’t need to worry about swollen feet. The design of the shoe is to give you the ultimate flexibility while walking.

The lightweight rapid rebound midsole is one wonderful addition to this shoe. The synthetic and mesh material allows your feet to breathe.


• Awesome comfort and design
• Breathable material


• Runs little small

4. New Balance 928v3:

These versatile shoes are quite popular among gym goers, hikers and trekkers. This new model WW928v3 features an orthopedic design with supportive insoles that provide great comfort (Review).

These leather shoe features rubber outsoles and a sturdy body. Apart from the wide choices of sizes, these shoes are available in a variety of width options.

Because diabetic people often have swollen feet, the wide toe space in New Balance 928 helps accommodate when your feet are swollen (see article "Shoes for wide feet"). Therefore, you won’t find it difficult to walk while wearing these shoes.


• Available in many sizes and width.
• Choices of many colors for both men and women.
• Manufacturer offers free return offer in case the product is not satisfactory.


• Toe box is a bit narrower in the new redesigned shoe.

Final Thoughts:

Walking is very important to control the blood sugar level in a diabetic person. Similarly, it is important to take good care of your feet to avoid the condition of a diabetic foot. These shoe models listed here are some of the best in the market. Next time when you go shopping for a pair of diabetic footwear, check these shoes that best suits your needs.

Best Walking Shoes for Diabetic Women: Top 4
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