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I'm a married mother, living in the suburbs of sunny Los Angeles in California. I'm a fitness coach in my day job and I love to help other people to get in shape. Walking is my greatest passion, that's why I decided to start my own website about it!”

Jennifer Langstroem,  Woowalkers


Why you should start walking

weight loss

Lose Weight

Walking is one of the best ways to lose weight. Also,it's not as taxing on your body as other cardio exercises likes running or weightlifting. Granted, you don't burn as many calories as when you're running, but when you're overweight or have an injury, walking is the better option.


Get Healthy

Studies have shown, that people who walk on a regular basis have a better heart health than someone who doesn't do any sports. Moderate intensity walking reduces the risk of high blood pressure and is as effective as jogging.


Improve your Mood

Have you ever noticed, that you're in a good mood when you come home from the outdoors? Some researchers suggest, that walking may even treat depression. Get yourself under the sun more often and support your body's ability to produce Vitamin D.


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